CAPITAL WORKS GUIDELINESBuilding and Refurbishment: Infection Control Guidelines

Queensland Health | 01/01/2002
Servicios Hospitalarios Tecnología Equipamiento Médico Servicios Centrales Diagnóstico y Tratamiento Esterilización Documentación Documentos CAPITAL WORKS GUIDELINESBuilding and Refurbishment: Infection Control Guidelines

These guidelines supersede the Queensland Health Capital Works Guidelines, Building and Refurbishment Infection Control and Sterilising guidelines (1997). Other documents that may provide assistance in regards to building and refurbishment include Queensland Health Infection Control Guidelines (2001), relevant Australian Standards and Section 1 of the Queensland Health Capital Works Guidelines.
The specialist practice of infection control in the context of patient care delivery in the Australian health care environment has a particular focus on total quality management in the areas of health facility planning, development and maintenance. In recent times, resources have been channelled into developing national and state standards and guidelines aimed at providing clinicians with a diverse body of infection control knowledge.

The best practice model would involve hospital managers and planners and other key parties using these various documents as a basis for decision making regarding patient management along the continuum of care. This commences with facility design but also includes issues such as the planned model of patient care delivery, human resource requirements, purchasing of equipment and provision of a safe environment for patients and staff. In conjunction with this, a risk management strategy should be implemented into the decision making process.

The risk management process provides a systematic approach towards identifying and managing infection risks in all settings. Identifying the infection risks associated with a particular client population enables appropriate management of such risks, including ensuring that facility design aids in preventing and controlling the risk of infection. It is essential to involve clinicians, infection control professionals and other relevant groups in identifying infection risks.

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