Ventilación contra incendios en parkings

| 17/12/2008
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Santiago Montero
Director General de Colt España, S.A.

Santos Bendicho
Director Técnico Clima de Colt España, S.A.


There is a big concern for consequences of fire in parkings, especially those of public attendance and big dimension. Among Fire Protection means it is essential ?Smoke Control?. This allows both people to escape safe from the fire and Fire Brigades to reach the fire in order to control it.

In Spain there are not agreed or published calculation methods for smoke control purposes in the event of Fire. So, for this purpose they have been adopted calculation methods which have been though to ventilate and dilute gases produced by cars in normal activity.

It can be consequence, among other reasons, of lack of knoweledge about smoke
spead into the bulding in relation to building geometries and the way to control it.

Now, with last developments in this matter, it is possible to establish criteria in order to solve this problem. This is the purpose of this work.

The work is divided in four parts. First an introduction on calculation methods and geometry of the buildings. Second a collection of spanish norms. Third a description of aplicable techniques to control smoke in parkings. Fourth an explanation on presurization of escape routes in parkings. Finally there are conclusions.
Montero, Santiago; Bendicho, Santos

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