Virus cross-infection in paediatric wards

British Medical Journal | 09/06/1973
Servicios Hospitalarios Gestión Higiene y desinfección hospitalaria Unidades Hospitalización Corta Estancia Pediátrica Documentación Bibliografias Virus cross-infection in paediatric wards

Br Med J. 1973 Jun 9;2(5866):571-5

Gardner, P.S.; Court, S.D.; Brocklebank, J.T.; Downham, M.A.; Weightman, D.


In a survey of virus cross-infection in paediatric wards there were 15 cross-infections due to respiratory syncytial (R.S.) virus and 16 due to influenza A, both during a fourmonth period, and 19 due to parainfluenza viruses over two years. The illnesses produced by these infections acquired in hospital ranged from a slight cold to severe pneumonia: in 17 of the 50 cases the illness involved the lower respiratory tract. A measure of cross-infection frequency in the form of a "cross-infection rate" has been devised, and It is suggested that this can be used to assess theinfluenceof factors such as ward design and admission policy on the frequency of cross-infection.
Gardner, D.S. ... [et al.]

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